Improvise without any modes or scales

In the Third Century BC, The Greek Philosopher Aristotle Stated:
“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

Since 1966 AD, Robert Conti, The American Jazz Guitar Virtuoso & Educator Has Preached:
"You Will Only Learn To Play Jazz Guitar, By Playing Jazz Guitar."

Thanks for your visit to this informational website.  Unfortunately, the majority of guitarists who aspire to play jazz visit are almost always told they must learn a mountain of modes, scales and theory.  Some instructors will even go to great lengths to convince  aspiring guitarists that they will not be able to improvise unless they learn modes. Don’t allow yourself to be duped into believing that misleading information!

Have you ever wondered exactly how all the greats like Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, George Benson, Joe Pass and numerous others learned how to play so well without modes?  The verifiable and indisputable truth is they didn’t need modes, as they learned to play jazz by playing jazz – and continuously sharing  their lines and knowledge with other players, in a hands on their instruments manner. Contrary to what you have more than likely been told many times over, be assured, you don’t need modes either.

The effectiveness of any educator’s teaching approach, including mine,  is defined  by the verifiable playing skills of the students – not bogus ad claims.  Seeing is believing, please visit our “Players Gallery” at Watch and listen, as our students proudly demonstrate their short term results.  Also, please, read  their commentaries, as they share many versions of: “I wish I had discovered your videos years ago!” If your current course of learning has not enabled you to quickly acquire the playing skills displayed by my students, then I believe your good judgment will guide you to the correct course of action.

This complimentary lesson will allow you to experience the highly effective Robert Conti hands on approach to teaching jazz guitar. This lesson is a mini version of what you will learn from any of the Thirty  full length DVDs I have produced.  As you start learning and playing the lines in this video, keep in mind that modes were unnecessary to get these lines under your fingers, which is every aspiring jazz guitarists’ ultimate goal – to get on the bandstand and play jazz guitar!

An Important Message For Jazz Guitar Students

In many quarters, it is very well known that Robert Conti has steadfastly maintained his “No Modes No Scales™” approach to teaching jazz guitar since 1966.   In fact, after apparently observing  the demand  for Mr. Conti’s successful educational DVDs,  some noted players recently announced in print, a change to Conti’s philosophy of “No Modes No Scales™.   As they say, “imitation is the best form of flattery.”  From any measure of logical thinking, in addition to volumes of customer testimonials, the sudden change of approach by other noted players is a  clear endorsement that Robert Conti has had  the right idea for the last 41 years.

There are also some other very important reasons that we offer these complimentary lessons and video clips. Specifically, your ability to visually and audibly verify the extraordinary level of Mr. Conti’s well documented skills as an educator and jazz guitarist.

Perhaps  you’ve  noticed the seemingly  endless number of websites attempting  to sell jazz guitar educational products with a variety of claims such as  “secrets to be  revealed”, “miracle systems”  “learn theory”  “ultimate program” “play this in three days” “learn scales and modes” etc.

Where's The Proof?

In our ongoing pursuit of producing the highest quality jazz guitar resources available, our staff made some interesting observations recently.  In nearly all of those websites  there is one important element that is noticeably absent or intentionally omitted. Doesn’t  it stand  to  reason  that any competent  educator  would be more than happy to  present  video  documentation of  their  ability  to actually  play what they claim they are going to teach you to play in their ad promises?  Indeed, shouldn’t  the purported educator’s playing skill be the end result of the learning product he/she is trying to sell?  A video is certainly easy for anyone to compile, even with an inexpensive video camera.  The reality is that rather than providing real documentation to support teaching and/or playing ability, they simply bombard you with empty promises. Buyer Beware!


Reasonably accepted logic dictates:

  • If you required heart surgery, wouldn’t you verify the surgeon you selected was actually qualified?
  • Would you be comfortable boarding a jet plane with a student pilot flying the plane?
  • Why then, would you choose to buy a guitar learning product from someone who offers no verifiable credentials?


Granted, learning jazz guitar may not be as mission critical as the above examples. However, from our perspective, it is certainly distressing to hear from  frustrated students who have essentially been  taken  by claims on those websites.  In reality, they learned nothing more than the same repackaged scales, modes and other useless non-musical garbage. 

The undeniable proof of talent  is always in the playing, as no guitarist can teach you to play what he/she is unable to play.  Rather than  accepting  ridiculous claims of  “secrets that will be revealed to you”  “miracle systems” and a host of other nonsensical claims, demand to see not one or two, but dozens of verifiable customer testimonials as to the results those customers purportedly obtained from the player’s  DVDs, Books and teaching skills.

“Every musician and teacher begins with the same musical information like notes, key signatures, chord families and so on. Mr. Conti has mastered the art of effective teaching because every one of his DVDs or chord melody arrangements allows me to leave the table with music that I can play for my friends and more frequently, an audience! Thank you!”
Nathan Long
Santa Ana, CA USA

Demand Verifiable Credentials

As demonstrated  in this and several other videos, the skill of Robert Conti is the unquestionable clear result of the data presented  in his DVDs and books. Moreover, as he is an acknowledged  legitimate  pro, we are proud to present a well-documented 50+ year history of Mr. Conti’s  DVDs, published books, CDs, several  websites with numerous performance videos, major press notices and most importantly, scores of bona fide customer comments about their satisfaction with their improvement.  Mr. Conti’s  ability to deliver powerful information is well documented  and certainly obvious by the availability of numerous video resources as the result of customer satisfaction.

Before investing in any product to improve your skill, we urge you to make your choices based on reliable and non negotiable requirements – don’t settle for anything less from anyone.  There is only one certain  method  to identify a quality learning product  – in two words, verifiable credentials. As you can verify through voluminous press reviews and customer comments, Robert Conti is the rare combination of a world-class  player who is as equally skilled as a teacher  who  can place music under your fingers quickly. 

If you’re  frustrated  after years of practicing and a fortune spent on books, lessons, modes, and  secret systems  from  self-proclaimed experts and  legends,  we believe you‘ll have found your learning solution after taking this complimentary  lesson!  Please visit Robert and discover a  guitarist  who is  unquestionably at  the  very top of the game as a performer and educator.  You’ll also see that, like this complimentary lesson, he shares his knowledge freely. 

More importantly, as verified by hundreds of bona fide customer testimonials, Robert Conti is ABLE  to teach YOU a truckload of valuable and immediately useful  “take it to the gig tonight” information.

Who is Robert Conti? Why Him?

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